Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dog Adoption Update!

Hello Everyone!

I hope that all of you are getting ready for a long weekend filled with fun! I will try to make this fast, but we all know I can be a little long winded :) As always, Congratulations and Thank Yous are in order.

​Congrats and Thanks to….​

St. Charles – Fostered and adopted by Deirdre

Joey – Dogtopia

Ollie – Fostered by Dawn Marie

Jetson – Fostered and Adopted by Katherine and Gavin

Adelaide – Fostered by Karen

Lexi – Fostered by Liz and Paul

Lillian – Fostered by Kristie and Chuck

Beauty – Fostered by Dogtopia

That is 9 dogs that went to their forever families in June!

A reminder for tomorrow night, Be very careful with your dogs. Tomorrow is the biggest night of the year for dogs to run away. Please be sure to take them out to go potty before the fireworks start, and again after they end. Please keep them in the house during.

Our Annual Auction for the Animals is coming up on July 18th. For more information, follow this link… (or copy and paste it if need be)

As always,

Thank you guys for all you do!!

Chauncey says hi :)

Kind Regards,

Allison Paris


Dog Coordinator

Dog Adoption Update!

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