Monday, March 24, 2014


This cute girl is Tia, a three year old shih tzu stray that we took in from the Wake County Animal Center. She was in need of immediate surgery for her left ear because someone had purposefully tied a string around it so tightly that it cut off the circulation, causing it to become badly infected and very painful. With the condition she was in, it could have been like that for weeks possibly, and we have no way of knowing for sure how long she had been suffering with it before coming into the Wake County shelter. We took her to Care First Animal Hospital at Oberlin where they treated her and did a necessary partial ear amputation. 
She took a little while to recover and had to have a soft cone around her head so that she could not accidentally injure her ear and to give it time to heal. 

Through all of it, she was was so sweet and now that she is better, her energetic and very playful personality has really come through-her foster mom has even nicknamed her "Muffin".
Tia loves to play fetch and would play it all day if it were up to her--and she enjoys long walks but also loves to just have her belly rubbed or to be curled up next to her person on the couch.
She is ready to find a forever home that will give her lots of attention and love!

Please go to to find out more about adopting her