Monday, February 10, 2014

Indira & Sicilian

Meet our perfect pairs!

When people decide that they are ready to adopt a cat, there are many things they think about, such as: what type of personality am I looking for? Do I want a kitten or an adult cat? Do I have a preference for what color or markings the cat has? What will I need to do to care for him/her, etc. One thing that many people may not even consider is: the added bonus of adopting two cats as a pair to be company for each other! As noted in an online article from Must love cats (retrieved Feb. 10th, 2014) :

"There are benefits to having multiple cats, however, such benefits will only occur when the additional cat or cats are well matched and have enough physical space to live together comfortably.

By having multiple cats they will provide each other with exercise, social interaction, and other forms of mental stimulation. Cats housed together have more opportunity to “be cats” by socializing and playing with each other, and this means they are less likely to be destructive or engage in other problematic behavior"